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April 19, 2012
Back Forearm=Shaft Angle

"Flatten Arm From The Elbow Down"

By: John B. Lombardo
If you are left handed just reverse the terminology.

Hitting balls out in my practice area yesterday I was flushing my shots swing after swing and getting perfect direction and more power.

While staying true to my fundamentals of lining up the right side described on this website, I noticed that I was getting the upper part of my right arm closer to my body (the side of my chest) and that my right forearm was flattening slightly (getting more parallel to the ground.) The result was crisper more powerful shots with direction and control. The ball was going the correct distance flying off the clubface with a slightly rising trajectory (kind of like a jet plane taking off) as it left the clubface even with a sand wedge.

When I experimented by not using the forearm correctly, the results were ok but lacked the "pop" and crispness that I was getting by this slight adjustment of the back arm forearm.

It was just a small adjustment a movement that means getting the club shaft on the porper swing plane that equals more solid consistent bal contact, stronger more accurate shots with increased distance and trajectory control.


John B Lombardo

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