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Your Common Sense Guide to Better Golf Since 1994 Take a look inside. The archived golf site is free, and filled with years of information, teaching tips, drills, and swing keys. You might find something you can use! We went online in 1994, and have been evolving every since. 2 Driver Swings 2_16_2012

Following are two driver swings that illustrate the same technique of all the key body parts of the right side being stacked together at impact, then the rest of the swing happens by itself as I have created enough room to extend both arms and golf club fully at the impact position.

It is a miserable cold windy rainy day and I went to the golf course with the intention of getting a few driver swings on video for display here at I just finished taking the dog for a long walk in the rain, and decided even though it was raining I was going to do it anyway. The swings turned out really good. I hit three or four balls to warm up and these two swings I believe are swings 5 and 6.

Both shots had a great trajectory with a slight draw and just about identical direction. I had to quit becasue my camera was getting too wet.

This really does work. Up until I figured out a way to get arms and club fully extended at impact by getting my right side lined up at impact as described on this website, I had a cupping of my left wrist at impact because I broke the wrist in 5 places. As I look at these videos, I see that my left wrist is now fairly straight at impact, which leads to better club head alignment when face of the club strikes the ball. I used to come over the got or try to manipulate the golf club to get it square and ended up with this nasty pull hook. Since I have been practicing this "right knee-right shoulder together" at impact, I am able to get the club coming from square to inside and get my arms extended at and through impact to let the right side release fully through the shot.

It really does work!





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