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Finding Your Golf Swing

"Keys To Finding A Repeatable Golf Swing "

By: John B Lombardo
As another golf season is in the offing, it is probably time for us all to start thinking about toning up our golf muscles and finding a golf swing key that can get us consistently better golf shots and lower scores on a daily basis. With the average men's handicap at around 16 and women around 29, there is great room for improvement.

It is about finding a golf swing that repeats on a consistent basis, then repeating this swing without interruption. It is about doing the basics better over and over again.

It is a funny thing how golf works. You think there are many different things you have to do and you tinker and play around with all the information you find in magazines and your swing, as a result, usually changes on a daily basis, or every time you play.

I used to have a dream where I was playing golf with Tour pros, like Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Seve Ballesteros and others, and every time it was my turn to play, I could not find my clubs, tee up the ball, r would end up having to leave the tee for some reason and miss my starting time. Or, When I teed the ball and addressed the shot, the outdoors would turn into an indoor room or hallway, initially with no place to hit a ball, then gradually over the years there would be little openings here and there where I could thread a shot. The openings got bigger, but I was never able to pull the trigger or hit a shot for whatever reason.

It is funny how this all corresponded with my sub-conscious knowledge that I really did not know what I was doing when I was swinging the club. I could shoot good scores on any given day, but struggled with my swing thoughts, tried different things, and was never at peace with my game or myself on the course playing.

One day last summer, probably in July, I went out on the range as a shotgun start wound around the course. I had about 5 fours to kill so I decided to hit some balls. Well I have seen some pretty good players play and have always tried to understand what it was they were doing to hit such good shots. My boss Bill Galloway is a particularly graphic illustration if Tour Proven golf moves because his swing is so deliberate, rhythmic, and easy to follow; and so consistent in nature. Over many years I have watched Bill, and other Tour pros swing and have gradually tried to understand and learn.

So the day I went to hit balls last summer all of sudden, even from the first swing with no warm up, I hit about 20 shots that were all exactly the same. I have always tried to look at the front side, or left side for a right handed golfer, as the key to the swing. Well it suddenly made sense to me that the right side has to line up in order for the left side and the golf club to release and extend at its full extended length. The only way you can get to full extension at and through impact is to keep your head, right shoulder, right hip and right knee in a straight vertical line as the golf club releases through impact. It is simple proposition that is easily put into practice.

I started to relate this knowledge, free of charge to my members, and received great positive feed back as to their improved swings and golf games. What's more, I was finally able to swing a club and hit a ball, great shots I might add, in my recurring dream.

The easiest way I related this to them was to keep their right knee and right shoulder together as they swung the golf club down and through impact. The rest takes care of itself. It really does work. I have not tinkered with anything and have been repeating this move for the better side of 8 months now. My key personally is to feel most of my weight on the wide part of my RIGHT FOOT at impact, then let the rest of the swing happen naturally. I can draw or fade or hit it high or low and my short game which was always mediocre, has become way above average. Shorter birdie and par putts lead to lower scores.

Right knee and right shoulder stay together. Let the rest happen by itself. Remember, you still need good fundamentals and to keep your spine (the vertical line in you body) still as you rotate. You will be amazed at how your hips start to work naturally, and how much power you will find as your right side fires through the shot!


John B Lombardo

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