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Golf Club Release 

"Release The Club Head Through Impact" 

By: John B Lombardo, PGA

Did you ever feel the head of your golf club release through the impact zone? Jack Nicklaus once described this feeling by saying "let it fly!" Meaning to let the golf club head go through impact, thereby maximizing distance and directional control.

If you feel the club bend, kick, or flex through the impact of hitting zone, you know you have properly used your tempo, rhythm, and timing to get the club moving down the target line and sending the ball on its way toward your intended target. It is definite positve sensation and you know when it happens.

You have to grip the club lightly, as you should on all shots, to get the club to do what you want it to do, and to hit consistently functional golf shot with distance and directional control. Not necessarily in the fingers all together, but with a lighter grip pressure. If you timing mechanisms are correct, you will feel the club head "snap" through at the bottom of your swing.

You can practice this with any club in the bag, and contrary to popular belief  a sand wedeg is probably the best club to use to get this feeling: in other words you don't have to swing really hard to bend the shaft through impact.

There is no better feeling in the world


John B Lombardo

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