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Golf Grip Change-Another Piece To The Puzzle



My entire approach to the golf swing is building a swing that will repeat with two bad knees a partially paralyzed shoulder and not being able to play more that 9 holes a week without practicing and standing behind the counter in the pro shop for 10 hours most days.

I have been pretty successful in finding a way to shift my weight, or more to the point where to put my weight when I swing the club. Those ideas are described in word and picture elsewhere on this website.

As of late I have been thinking about my bad shots and realized, not by the way all of a sudden, that I never really knew or know where I am putting the golf club dring my backswing. I also have a left wrist with no ligaments due to a break many years ago. So it is difficult for me at best to understand let alone feel where I am swinging the golf club during my backswing. When I am feeling good I hit it great but when things go south or the weaather is bad I have a hard time swinging and controling the golf ball.

Last night while hitting golf balls in my back yard I decided to bow my wrist out when I started to take the club back, kind of like Dustin Johnson on the PGA Tour. The results were astounding. Somehow the clubface squares, and I have a distinct picture in my mind's eye and a great feel as to where the club and clubhead is all the way through the golf swing. I start to turn my shoulders then bow my left wrist up and out and continue to swing on this position. This leads to an easy pronation and supination of the arms, two fundamental psitions to a full release of the golf club.

Ben Hogan found a magic move that allowed hit to hit the ball straight without a hook. I guess it is up to the rest of us to find that same move, at elast within our own swing parameters.

This morning I hit some drivers and 6 irons off the first tee toward the practice range and had immediate feedback as to where my golf club was all the way through the swing. Same results as last night only with the full swing and longer clubs. What is more I had a better release of the golf club all the way through the swing, and an easier way to follow through with much less effort. while repeating all the fundameental things that I have build on through the years and during the last year.


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