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Golf Swing 101
"Let's Set the Record Straight"

By: John B. Lombardo, PGA
There are many misconceptions about how you move when you swing a golf club. I guess when I come right down to it, I have always been a teacher of movement rather than excessive technique. So it is I have come to a unique position in my understanding of the golf swing that I am trying to put forth here at

First of all there is plenty of room to get the concept of weight shift correctly. Sure you have to shift your weight, but where and in what directions? It is not simply a matter of weight shifts to the back leg on the backswing and front leg on the down and forward swing. This is simply untrue.

You are much better just standing solid on both feet and swinging your arms than trying to move forward and backward, which is exactly what will eventually happen if you try to duplicate the "time prove weight shift theory." However, if you do just stand solid on both feet, your balance will take over and tell you how to swing the club while properly shifting your weight.

As a teacher it is my responsibility to impart useful fundamentally sound information to my students. Luckily I have been a proponent of being centered with little sideways head motion, trying to keep the spine a little behind the ball and more or less in the salme pace pane wise (vertically) throughout the golf swing; in other words, just turn around your spine, the center of your body.

Secondly, the right side of your body is much more important that the left, another contrary thought to modern golf swing theory. It is more important to learn how to properly extend your arms and club shaft at and through impact, how to make room to let yourself swing, how to get a full, powerful release through impact, and how to find the path of least resistance in your golf swing.



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