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Golf Swing Revelations

"Golf Swing Moves That Stand The Test Of Time"

By: John Lombardo
This summer has been a real learning experience for me. As a matter of fact, my entire career in golf has been the same. I was always a competent player with occasional bursts of brilliance, but I could never feel really confident or comfortable over a golf ball in preparation for a golf swing. There was always something missing.

Over the years I have built a repertoire of swing moves that have somehow managed to get me through as a player. Further, I have always taught the golf swing from a fundamentally sound perspective. This summer (2011), the last month in particular, has changed much of this.

While there is no substitute for a fundamentally sound golf swing as conerns grip, aim, stance and alignment, you still have to be able to swing the club in a consistently sound manner to get the ball to go where you want it to go.

I have been lucky to work for, teach with, and and play golf with many good and great players, and have always been amazed at their proficiency and consistency. This process has eluded me for many years, or more to the point I just could not understand it. But like I said, this summer I finally got it, I had a revelation.

That is what I am trying to convey here in this website. Much of this information, (and I am trying not to overload this site with too many words or technical stuff) is just plain different from what we learn and see all over the golfing world. Most of it is contrary, in simple terms, to popular thinking.

For example, we are all taught about the weight shift, from the inside of the back leg to the inside of the front leg, and we are all taught to get our weight off the right side and onto the left side to get power and speed.

Well I am going to tell you that hour weight actually moves backward as the club goes forward during the downswing. How about that!

And your hips actually move in two different directions as you deliver the clubhead down and through into impact and follow through. How is this possible?

Take my word for it, it is possible, and it is a Tour proven method to hit solid consistent, powerful golf shots.

One day I started looking at Tour swings, and saw something totally different than what I was conditioned and accustomed to seeing. Then I started to repeat this swing in my own game, and when I execute two basic moves, my shots actually go where I want them to go. I am hitting my irons two clubs further than before, and I have not pulled a ball in a month in a half.

It is amazing, and it holds up under all conditions, cold, hot, warm, wet, dry; and the shots are the same. I have never had so many birdie putts inside 10 feet in all my life.

I hope you can benefit from my revelations and insights into the golf swing. I had to break years of conditioning to get to this point. The proof is the quailty of your shots.

I need go no further.


John B Lombardo

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