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"Insights On The Nature Of The Golf Swing"

By: John Lombardo
There is nothing more elusive or simpler, or complex, all at the same time than the golf swing. Over decades of practice, of learning and re-learning the golf swing, fighting through nearly catastrophic injuries, teaching, watching thousands of golf swings, and playing, it occurs to me that all you can do is try to hold on to some simple fundamentals, and work on your rhythm, tempo, and timing.

Your body changes everyday. Your muscles feel different and react different to the conditions of your environment. If you fundamentals are solid you have a pretty good chance of playing decent.

The other variable is practice. The more you practice good things, the better your chance of repeating them. Practicing faulty fundamentals leads to many other swing faults, and over time, these faults just grow and magnify themselves as you muscle tone and bodily condition changes. The more the years pass, the greater you adjustments need to be. The important thing to all this to to fine tune your swing synapse, the moment of the swing, so your rhythm and tempo remain constant within your own individual swing framework.

All the informaton on this website is soild, and works in one way or another within a fundamentally soild golf swing. The thing you have to do, once you learn to efficiently swing a club and hit a ball, is to fine tune your own approach to what you are doing.

There are a few fundamentals that are common to all good golf swings; and they are not that hard to identify and to repeat. Your own meomentum as a golfer can carry you to new places and experiences.

A really important moment in the golf swing occurs when the stored up energy that results from a proper setup and turn and backswing changes direction and is released into the golf shot. In other words the moment yoou stop your golf backswing and turrn it into a golf swing through the golf ball is of vital importance. Knowing when and at what point and with what timing to turn your backswing into a forward swing, ( how long do you delay at the top before you change direction) makes a ton of difference as to the quality of your golf shots.

As your body changes your swing needs change. Your muscles react diffferently ever day. It is the moment of the change of direction that can make all the difference as to how you play on any given day. It may vary from day to day. The really important thing is to not try to do the same thing every day. Your muscles are different every day s the way you react to your golf swing changes from day to day.

All this translates into good rhythm and tempo. Once you know how to hit a ball, learn to identify your timing and approach to the siwng on a day to day basis. The results may astound you. Learn when to release your stored up energy into the golf shot.


John B Lombardo

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