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How Golf Teachers Learn

"Learning From My Students"

By: John Lombardo
My first lesson of the year was with two young brothers. I have been teaching the older boy for about 5 years now, and this is the second year for the younger one. We went out to the range on a Saturday morning to hit some balls, when I started my review of some of the things we had covered last season. Since this was their first time out and first swings in quite a while, it took them a bit of time to start hitting the ball.

I noticed that this year they were much more communicative and focused on the lesson event, so I took the opportunity to relay some information about how they should keep the golf club in front of them, in other words stay connected, throughout the entire swing, and stay in balance. They were flailing at the ball pretty good so I took my best shot at giving them some useful golf information that they could us throughout their golfing careers. As an illustration, I hit three or four shots using this technique, and was amazed, at my first swings in over a week, that the ball went straight and true and jumped off the club face with some vigor and life. The club felt on plane and very light as I hit my illustration shots.

I had been working so hard on keeping my right side lined up at and through impact, that my hands were getting quick and my tempo and rhythm were off. I was playing good but not great. Saturday was a so-so day weather-wise, so I got to go out and play that afternoon. I stayed connected together with keeping my right side lined up, and the shots flew off the club face very accurate with better power and distance with the continued feeling a light golf club. All my parts were clicking together as I played hole after hole in great fashion, hitting accurate shots with an effortless swing.

I teach basically by feel and instinct, and I gave the boys what they needed, and took the advice myself. What a great feeling, being comfortable in my golf swing. I hope it continues and I hope I can continue to learn from my students.


John B Lombardo

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