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Preparation For Better Golf

"Prepare Yourself for Every Shot"

By: John Lombardo
The weather here in the Northeastern United States has been nothing short of astounding for this time of year, February and March. Some courses have been open all winter long.

I was out playing this past weekend and hit the ball pretty well on Saturday. I walked 18 holes each day using a push cart. Six mileson two really bad knees takes it stoll. Anyway, I hit a shot on our fourth hole and noticed after I had swung the club that I was not prepared to hit the shot. On our walk toward the green, I mentioned to one of my playing partners that "preparation is the key to good golf swings and good golf shots on the golf course. You learn on the range and play on the course."

On the golf course, it is necessary to geet yourself ready for each golf shot, then when you are convinced that you feel good about the upcoming swing, go ahead and let it go. Goolf swing keys like posture, setup, and balance are vital to a good golf swing on a consistent basis. My own routine consists of one to three full out practice swing too get the feel for the particuular golf shot and distance and golf swing mechanics necessary for each individual golf shot. Once this is accomplished, I have a feel for the shot, know that I am on plane for that shot, then I go ahead, get into a good posture, feel my balance in my feet and legs, aim my club face, then go ahead and let it go, take the swing I mean.

If I can prepare myself in this manner for each individual golf shot, I know I have a pretty good chance and hitting a good one.The entire process, which I start to get into as others in my group are playing and if I will not disturbe them, only takes abut 10 to 15 seconds.I start sizing up the golf shot as I walk my way to the ball.

It is not a complicated process, but a process that is necessary to hit consistently good golf shots.

Preparing your self for each individual goof shot.


John B Lombardo

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