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Putting Tips

""Get Face Balanced""

By: John Lombardo, PGA
You hear so much these days about swing path and putting. Ping Golf has even come out with an app for iPhones that measures your swing path and tells you whether  it is strong arc, mild arc or straight back straight through. I have an iPhone and have used the app extensively to learn about my putting stroke.

What I discovered is that I HAD a strong arc strong and was using a toe balanced putter to complement the established knowledge that the two go together. While the information was very helpful, my putting results did not get any better.

I continued to use the app, and being a pretty resourceful guy, led myself down the path of trying a face-balanced putter in hopes of straightening out my putting stroke. I also changed my grip to get my left hand way under the grip end with a bowed up left writst. While putting with the iPhone app from Ping, I found that my path became straight back and straight through and my putting feel and results started to increase by leaps and bounds.

The moral of the story is that in my humble opinion, if you go to a face balanced putter and learn to take it straight back and straight through you will start to hit better putts, make more putts, and three putt or worse less and less.

Arc strokes with a putter are great but again in my humble opinion, they are more feel oriented and make it harder to square the putter face at and through impact on a regular basis. Take my word for it. I used to be a great putter, turned into a terrible putter for a long time, then was not afraid to change my putter design and stroke to get better results.

Make it easy on yourself. go face-balanced and find a grip that gets the putter straight back and straight through.


John B Lombardo

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