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Since it has been such a mild winter, I hit about 200 sand wedge shots a day. The same fundamentals (right knee right shoulder together with the majority of my weight on my right foot at impact, then let the right side release throught the shot after impact) apply to wedges as well as full swings. Release is the key word here. The club head releases fully through the impact pisition into the follow through. the momentum of the golf swing carries the club into fundamentally solid positions. A lighter grip pressure allows your "feel" to take over, and gets the club moving in the proper direction without the swinger getting in the way.

I have made a real effort to get the clubface in the "toe up" position (toe of the club passes the heel through impact) at about waist high then roll my right side through into a good follow through at the top of the finish position. These are soild fundamentals for any golf shot. I play with the ball position and clubface angle a little to hit it higher or lower, to land softer or to make the ball roll out. Letting the toe of the club pass the heel through impact, so the sole of the club is pointing at the target at about waist high in the follow through is good, sound solid advice.

These are two differrent shots. The top video was hit with the clubface held openn slightly at impact, the other (bottom), with a slightly closed fact to hit the ball a little lower. All fundamentals remained the same. Both shots were struck off a slightly downhill lie going away from me a little. 


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