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Simple Swing Key 1 (scroll down or click for picture)

Ah what the hell. Here it is for free. The golf swing key I have finally come to understand. Times are tough enough. With all the golf swing gurus out therre and all the swing magic, I am presenting to you in a simplified manner the move that all the Tour pros use and understand, the golf swing key that you never hear about in lessons or read in magazines. What the hell, I am just another teacher stuck out in the middle of nowhere trying to instruct golfers as to how to hit more consistent shots and shoot better scores, the goal of the whole thing I believe. What the hell do I know? Listen to Leadbetter, Harmon, or any other great teacher. That is your choice. But I have been working toward this one simple thing my entire life, and I feel I have finally found it; and I am imparting it to you in a few simple pictures and videos.

This did not come easily or without a great price, but you know what, I really don't care anymore. I found this revelation, this culmination of my learning process kind of without even knowing it while hitting balls out on the range one day. I mean, I did know it, but started doing it without my permission, I finally got out of my own way. I have played with and watched great players over the years, and have finally come to understand the one simple thing they all do that takes the mystery out of the swing. Don't get me wrong, there is no substitute for solid fundamentals. This is the basis for any competent golf swing. But the swing is all about how your body moves; how it moves when you swing the club. There are few certain things you have to do in order to hit good to great golf shots consistently.

For example, due to multiple injuries, the pull hook has always been my bad shot, my achilles heel, especially with the irons. I could drive a ball 300 yards and miss a green 40 yards left with a sand wedge, simply because I was always under a mis-apprehension as to what my body should do to get the golf club back into the proper place to hit the ball straight. I never quite understood how to make enough room to get myself back into a properly extended impact position that would then allow me to release the club head and shaft straight at my intended target. I was moving incorrectly. Once I finally understood one simple key, I stopped pulling iron and wood shots left; I had my revelation about July of this year 2011, and have been getting better ever since.

In the past I never quite knew where the ball was going. Now I know before I start my swing that if I trust what I know is correct, I can release the clubhead and the golf ball goes where I want it to go. There is no doubt, and it all happens automatically without thought or intervention. It is that simple. I don't get in my own way anymore, because I know I am walking down the right road!

Simple Golf Swing Key 1

I put the white dots on my right side to illustrate what actually happens now at impact. In my case, I have to feel that 95% of my weight is on the wide part (instep) of my right foot at impact; contrary to what you will read in every golf magazine, see on every television show, and hear and learn in every lesson. The position you see in this picture is a power position that breeds accuracy and control and distance. Notice also that the Yankee logo on my hat indicates that the middle of my head is also in line with the rest of the key points, the right shoulder, right hip and right knee.

Simple Golf Swing Secret 2

This picture is just before release of the club through impact. My head is a little higher than the just past impact picture above. My upper body weight has shifted to the right foot and the left hip has gone up a little to allow the right hip to fire through and let the shoulder release through the impact zone. My hips actually move in a counter- clockwise circle, while my core or mid-section has gone slightly forward, the rest of the upper body has gone backwards, a definite sensation of moving in three different directions at the same time.

Lest we get confused,if you just let your right shoulder and right knee move together from the top of your backswing and through past impact, as indicated by the white dots on my clothes, the rest of the sequence will fall into place. Let me stress that your weight actually does not shift forward but kind of down and backward. The degree of weight on the right foot will be different for every golfer. The key is to make room so you can extend the full length of left arm and golf club at and through impact. What you don't want to do is move your upper body forward at all, and thereby lose the connection between the right shoulder and right knee.


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