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Spring Is Here

"Time To Start Thinking About Playing Golf"

By: John Lombardo, Golf Teacher
Spring is almost here and area golf courses will be opening soon. It is time to start getting your golf swing in shape. Exercise, take some practice swings, swing a weighted club, stretch your muscles, work on your balance, develop a proper weight shift. These are all good golf swing practices you can do without even hitting a golf ball. You can develop a feel for your swing before spring gets here. You can put yourself that much further ahead when you start to play.

Find yourself a good golf teacher and get a few lessons. The more good things you learn the better you will play.

Swinging a golf club does require some muscular skill and co-ordination. Even non-golf swing related activity like walking, jogging, running on a treadmill, and any excercise that will strengthen your legs and core muscles will give you an edge toward a more powerful, consistent golf swing.

Start thinking about your game. There are many things you can do to get yourself going for a better game once the courses open.


John B Lombardo

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