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Your Common Sense Guide to Better Golf Since 1994 Take a look inside. The archived golf site is free, and filled with years of information, teaching tips, drills, and swing keys. You might find something you can use! We went online in 1994, and have been evolving every since.

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  • How making the forearm of your trailing arm (right arm for right-handed players and left arm for left handed players) more parallel to the ground equals better more powerful, more precise golf shots.

  • John B. Lombardo PGA professional background information describing the process of overcoming life threatening injuries, paralysis, and broken left wrist to become a scratch golfer and profeessional by learning then relearning the entire golf swing process.

  • Connected Golf Swing Keys

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  • Driver golf swing videos and explanation by John Lombardo. Swings captured on Februayr 16, 2012 at Dutch Hollow CC in Owasco, NY. How the right shoulder and right knee line up at impact allowing arms and club shaft to fully extend at impact position.

  • Picture examples of PGA and LPGA Tour professionals at the moment that verifies the simple golf swing key.

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  • Article describing the process of finding your golf swing. Tone up your golf muscles, learn to fully extend the golf club at impact.

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  • Diary and thoughts about the golf, playing the game of golf, the golf swing, golf lessons, and golf in general

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  • Articles about the golf swing, the game of golf, golf technique, golf swing theory, golf game theory, fundamentals, and golf related informaiton by John Lombardo.

  • High quailty golf teaching, lessons, instructions, technique, swing keys by experienced PGA Class A1 professional golf teacher and player John Lombardo from Dutch Hollow Country Club in Owasco. NY andthe Central NY Section of the PGA of America

  • How to properly release the golf club head through impact. Feel the club shaft bend or kick as you release it into the ball.

  • New golf season primer focused an shoulder turn to geet the golf swing started. Picure of the face of a sand wedge after about three days of practice hitting balls outside for the first time in about four months.

  • An awareness of not knowing where the golf club is in the backswing leads to a grip change that leads to a solution to another piece of the golf swing puzzle.

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  • John Lombardo offers golf lessons, instruction, and is one of the finest golf teachers in the Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, Central New York, and Upstate New York area.Like all world class teachers and instructors, John Lombardo gives golf lessons that entertain, that stress a fundamentally sound approach to the golf swing, while "plugging" these fundamentals into the framework of each individual's own golf swing.

  • Golf Lessons can help your game and insight into how a great teacher thinks, and related to individual students. How to find a teacher who suits your needs.

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  • Golf Swing 101-some common misconceptions about golf swing technique and fundamentals you hear every day in every lesson, and see repeated constantly on the golf course.

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  • Golf lessons, golf instruction, golf swing keys, insights into the fabric, substance and heart of the game of golf, tips, golf lesson videos by expert PGA of America instructor John Lombardo. At you will find enhanced, high level, entertaining, personal and heartfelt golf swing information that is tailored to all golfers and reduced to its lowest terms, content that any golfer can understand, execute, and incorporate into their own golf game.

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  • A golf teacher gives a lesson to two young boys and learns a lesson himself in conjunction with golf swing theory of lining up the right side at impact,

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  • Description of left wrist at top of backswing like Dustin Johnson of the PGA Tour.

  • PGA Professional John B Lombardo Head golf and teaching pro at Dutch Hollow CC in Owasco NY, lesson rates and information.

  • Golf lessons and instruction by PGA professional teacher John B Lombardo, entertaining, personal, heartfelt, easy to understand information for any golfer, "your common sense guide to better golf."

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  • New Articles on Secretariat and the golf swing.

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  • Putting tip to improve your stroke, hit better putts and get the putter going straight back and straight through using Ping Golf iPhone iPing putter app.

  • True method of releasing the club head freely through impact resulting in straight, long accurate golf shots. A method that is available to anyone without excess training conditioning and labor. A natural method of swinging a golf club that keeps the club head moving down and through impact using gravity and the design of the golf club as the guiding forces.

  • Golf swing revelations-what works in the long run, withstand the test of time, and breeds consistency and great golf shots.

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  • 2 Sand Wedge Swings Video illustrating how the right knee and right shoulder stay together at and through impact, and how the club head releases fully throughout the golf swing.

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  • Spring is here it is time to start practicing, getting yoiur muscles in shape and ready to swing the golf club.

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  • This is where golfer can click on the email link and send an email with comments, goals and aspirations about their golf games.

  • Comparison of the old ways of swinging a golf club and the new ways to swing the club in view of a different way of seeing things on the road to improvement.

  • Testament to the Tour Angle 144 golf teaching and practice aid. Learning the golf swing in the abstract (lessons) and in realit (playing and hitting shots).

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