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Golf Swing Move Forward

"Golf Swing Move That Initiates Forward Swing"

By: John Lombardo
Being a golf professional who works long days in the golf shop, the only chance I get to practice some times is to hit balls at night in a vacant lot next to my house, and in my adjoining backyard. I hit a hundred balls or so and my dog Zeke will chase every one of them.

It is not an easy proposition to hit balls in the dark. Even with the back porch light on, it is hard to see the balls in the vacant lot since there is no light there. Most of the time there is no depth perception and all I can see is a white dot (the golf ball) at my feet.

It is great practice though, since it teaches me that with proper swing technique, I can hit quality shots time after time even in the dark. Last night I practiced for an hour and a half just using the light of the full moon. It was a great experience.

The thing I was able to feel was that a slight forward bump with the middle of my chest actually initiated my move forward into the hitting area and through the ball. Even before my arms moved, the weight shift was initiated by a tiny bump or movement or miniscule rotation of the middle of my chest forward to start my arms swinging and hips turning. It was an enlightening experience!

After many years of practicing at night, mainly to give my dog some excercise, it became a ritual that allowed me to gain valuable insight into proper golf swing technique. I have slowly been building or re-building a golf swing, and lately it seems as if the parts are all starting to fall into place.

Once again, hitting balls with limited visibility is great practice. It not only develops the feel aspect, but develops proper technique, since that is all you have to depend on. With no depth perception or landmarks to define your swing, you have to use a correct setup, body movement and weight shift to make proper contact. Without proper technique it is really hard to make contact with the golf ball, let alone hit it where you want it to go. I haven't broken any windows in awhile and haven't hit my neighbor's house in all these years.

This little move with the middle of my chest fits in perfectly with my entire gol swing process. Once the backswing is finished, the transition to the forward swing must begin. The trigger is the move, bump, or shift, as slight as it is, with the middle of my chest.


John B Lombardo

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