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The Old Ways-The New Ways

"In Golf, The More things Change, The More Things Change"

By: John Lombardo, PGA Professional
In the game of golf aand the golf swing, the more things change the more things change. It used to be that golfers and golf professionaols especially were the most sutubborn change resistant group of people that inhabited the planet. they still are in many ways, resistant to change, stuck in theri ways, stuck in the mud. That frame of mind comes from years of conditioned thinking, one way of doing things.
What is right must be right, right?

Take the golf swing for instance. the belief that the left side is still the most important part of your body as relates the golf swing is still prevalent just about everywhere. The belief that the golf swing is really complicated and a really physically hard move to repeat is an ongoing problem.

Not really. It take a new way of looking at things to see that you really do have to stack the right side at impact to stack and hit into the left side just past impact and inot follow through. the right side of you body is the chicken and the left side of your body is the egg.

I do not knowof a golfer alive who has ever hit straight, long, powerful, consistent golf shots over a long period of time without using his or her right side extensively. I like to look at players at our course tee off and hit balls on the range. I like to watch bad swings to learn how it really gets done. If a seventy-five year old guy can hit the ball consistently 200 yards straight, then get it on or near the green, then get it up and down a number of times he must be ding something correctly.

There are so many golfers who at impact are so right side stacked that their left foot comes off the ground. but they get the job done, time after time after time with great consistent results. It is not great teachnique, or is it? Any real teacher of golf or the golf swing will tell you that the only thing that matters in teaching or executing a golf swing is the flight of the golf ball. all the rest iss just superfluous energy.

Think about the old ways and the new ways, if there are any and the way you do things. Think about how your golf game is going. Can you get better? Is there room for improvement? Maybe taking a new and different approach is the way to do. Maybe it is not as complicated as you were led to bbelieve in the first place.


John B Lombardo

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